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Discovery meeting with us

The first step to accelerating your business growth

In this meeting - we will discuss your goals, how current sales outreach is working and what you want to see improved. From there, we can construct a effective strategic account strategy to grow your business long-term. Here is an example of some of the questions we will ask.

  • What are the top 20 key accounts you want to land?
  • How much are these accounts worth to you?
  • What does your investment team want to see?
  • What current business development is being done and who is doing it?
  • Who do you consider your competitors?
  • Do you have technology to demo?
  • What sales assets do you currently have?
  • How do you qualified a key account?
  • What open opportunities do you currently have?
  • Do you have any case studies that we can use to show data?
  • Who is on your team and what do they do?