Attract B2B Business With Our

Customized 16-Step Cadence


A unique cadence is created for each of your customer segments.

A sales cadence refers to a planned series of sales touch-points that are delivered at predetermined intervals over a specific period of time, aimed at engaging and converting prospects into customers. The touch-points may include phone calls, emails, social messages, and SMS messages, as well as other tasks.

Sales cadences are designed to help salespeople better connect with prospects and build relationships that lead to successful sales. The advantages of a sales cadence include improved efficiency, increased response rates, and better sales outcomes.

Here's our template for how we approach building cadences.

  • 1. EMAIL - Intro

    This email introduces the solution to the prospect. This email should speak directly to the problems the prospect is facing now.

  • 2. CALL - Intro

    This call usually happens on the same day as the first email and references the email.

  • EMAIL - Custom Video

    We use VidYard to create our custom videos but there are many tools out there. We try to showcase the customization of the video by using a whiteboard with the prospect's name on it as the thumbnail for the video. These videos are embedded directly in the email.

  • LINKEDIN - Follow

    By following your prospects on LinkedIn two benefits occur. One, they receive a notification that you are now following them. Two, you will now be able to engage with their posts on LinkedIn regularly as they will appear in your feed.

  • CALL - Follow Up

    Call again and reference the past emails and content that's been sent. This is a good opportunity to try and schedule a demo.

  • EMAIL - Image

    This email includes an image of your product or service. By adding an image, you can increase response rates.

  • LINKEDIN - Blog Share

    Creating content for your prospects is a huge way to show you are listening to their needs. We use ChatGPT to create blogs quickly. This has many benefits from increasing deal close time, improving SEO, and driving future leads to the site.

  • EMAIL - Gif

    This email includes a gif. Gifs are great because they are silent videos that instantly play in emails. This email is great to showcase moving products or services, sharing before-and-after scenarios, and showcasing testimonials.

  • CALL - Check In

    Even if a demo has occurred but no purchase has happened it is still good to call and check in. We find that calling on Fridays has the highest response rate.

  • EMAIL - General Video

    Unlike the custom video before, this video is a general video made to be embedded at scale. We still use VidYard to track views and length of views.

  • EMAIL - Custom Video Thread

    Replying to previous emails is a great way to bring an email to the top of the inbox. In this email, we respond to the original Custom Video email.

  • EMAIL - Image Thread

    This email is another reply to try and bring up the Image email to the top of the inbox. You created the content so might as well try and get them to check it out as the prospect may just not have had time to check out the original.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA - Follow & Engage

    Since you have followed them on LinkedIn already, it is time to show you are engaged even more. Follow their social media and engage to give them a reminder you're still there.

  • CALL - Final

    This is the final call and if there is no answer, always leave a voicemail referencing what you sent and why you're calling.

  • LINKEDIN - Connect

    Connecting on LinkedIn is great because you will be able to send messages using this channel as well.

  • EMAIL - Newsletter Invite

    The leads who have not become interested can now be recycled on put into a marketing sequence if they agree to the marketing material in this email. After a few months, you can place them in another cadence and give outreach another shot.