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Sales Engine Creation

What We Do

Build A Sales Engine

A lot of companies acquire new business through referrals or word-of-mouth. This strategy can produce effective results but what if you want to accelerate your company's growth? You'll need to build a sales engine that is replicable and scalable.

To do this, you will need to develop a go-to-market strategy, implement a sales tech stack, create customizable sales enablement resources, document all outreach in a CRM, and then create playbooks and workflows so the team can grow as the business grows.

At Sales Tempo, we do this for you. We build the engine but give you the keys and the manual. We will also help you hire and train a sales team for continued long-term growth.


No secrets in our sauce.

Our job is to help you close deals while giving you the resources and education to continue to grow after we are gone. Let's answer some of your possible concerns.

Yes! During our entire sales campaign, we are documenting calls, creating scripts, setting up workflows, and developing step-by-step playbooks for your team.

That means, when we are successful, we can scale quickly by helping you select the right salespeople to continue our work and educating them through real examples.

These hires would be for your business. We want these individuals to be tailored to your specific product or service.

On average, it takes about 6 months to create a sales engine. It is really dependent on the sales cycle, how complicated the product or service is, how many connections we have in the industry, and what objections the potential clients have.

Yes! Part of what we do is create dashboards for you to view the most important metrics to your sales engine. This helps you measure so you can manage but also will help your sales team know what they need to track to be successful.

We believe in transparency in all our sales outreach. Every conversation is tracked in the CRM and we have automatic reports and weekly pipeline meetings so you can watch the progress all along the way. No surprises!

Our starting service is a $10,000 monthly fee plus a 10% commission for a minimum of 1 year on all deals generated by the Sales Tempo team.

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