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Have a new product or business you want to bring to market? Identifying target accounts, building qualified lead lists, creating sales enablement resources, and documenting the outreach are all steps you will have to take to do so. Hiring a sales team is an option but what if you want to test the water first? 

That's where we come in! We will help you build a scalable and replicable process for sales that acquires key accounts. Once this system is in place, we can help you hire a sales team for long-term growth.


Transparency is key.

There are many sales consultants out there and finding the right one for your business can be challenging. Let's answer some of your possible concerns.

At Sales Tempo, we use a style of selling called "Consultative Sales." This isn't new but is not used by everyone. Consultative selling allows us to ask questions and solve problems for potential key accounts which builds trust rather than coming off as just another salesperson.

On top of that, all of the sales enablement resources and documentation are owned by your company. We build the engine but you own the keys to the car. After we find success we help you hire to continue growing.

We believe in transparency in all our sales outreach. Every conversation is tracked in the CRM and we have automatic reports and weekly pipeline meetings so you can watch the progress all along the way. No surprises!

Yes! We are so confident in our service that if at any point you are unhappy with the results, you can cancel our service instantly.

Sales Tempo absorbs the majority of the sales tech stack costs except if Hubspot needs to be expanded which can range from free to $2,500 a month.

On average, two weeks. This time is used to familiarize ourselves with your product, set up sales enablement resources, and generate qualified leads. From there, we begin outreach!

On average, we suggest 6-month campaigns. The sales cycle can be shorter or longer depending on how complicated the product or service is, how many connections we have in the industry, and what objections the potential clients have.

The first month is spent setting up and getting educated. By the end of the third month, we will have conducted a lot of outreach and generated many opportunities. That middle mark is a good time to assess whether the process can be sped up or what needs to be changed.

The goal is to have two or more new accounts with many more in the pipeline at the end of the 6 months. If we believe it may take longer, we will always be upfront about that during our early-stage conversations.

On average, we generate 2+ new opportunities a week. These opportunities mean we have spoken to them, they are interested and the revenue potential is large.

Our starting service is a $10,000 monthly fee plus a 10% commission for a minimum of 1 year on all deals generated by the Sales Tempo team.

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