Killer Tech Stack for a Small Sales Team

  • January 4, 2023

Setting up a tech stack for a sales team can intimidating. There are a TON of options (and growing) for sales tech and consultants are expensive. Here is a four pillar ecosystem that can be stood up and integrated without hiring outside resources. NONE of the vendors have minimum license requirements.

  1. Hubspot - An excellent free CRM that can scale nicely as the team needs more features. Tracking sales activity and managing a pipeline are the two foundation features I use as a rep. These are both part of the free option.
  2. - A lead data source (emails, phone numbers) with a native Hubspot integration. Leads flow into Hubspot with a click of a button.
  3. Linkedin Sales Navigator - Tracking leads as they change companies or looking through a co-workers connections are some of the best ways to get warm intros.'s chrome extension also sits on top of Navigator to get contact information from Linkedin profiles that can be pushed into Hubspot.
  4. Vidyard - Creating 1:1 videos is essential for getting more people involved in the purchasing process, shortening the sale cycle. Hubspot will track clicks and opens of personal videos to determine which prospects should be followed up with first and when.

*My preferred email provider is Google because of email tracking with Hubspot and Vidyards chrome extension


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